Fresh, Clean & Fashionable:



These wipes are GREAT and work as advertised, It's as simple as that. They're pocket-sized which is great if you're on the go and want to keep your shoes fresh, and the two-sided cloth is perfect depending on what type of shoe (or what level of dirt) you're trying to clean. Couldn't recommend these more.


These wipes clean well and have a rough side to scrape the hard dirt. I was amazed!!
If u dont want to but a cleaning liquid bottle? These are the answer to easy clean and go!
Im getting like 2 more packs.


Doesn't tear - Cleans all scuffs - Just as good as a Brush - Keeps white rubber clean - Perfect amount of solution. Keeping these in my car and my closet and buying some as gifts for my Sneakerhead friends!


I love these sneaker cleaning wipes. I have tried a lot of different ones and this is the best of the lot. I bought these cleaning wipes because my nephew purchased a messy kit and I wanted something similar. I found this and it worked so well that I purchased one for him as a sneakerhead gift. I highly recommend these sneaker cleaning wipes so your shoes look like the first time you took them out of the box. Definitely worth the money!